House Shael Han Rank 1 Specialist

House Shael Han Rank 1 Specialist

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Of the many sects within the larger Order of Exalted and Resplendent Battle Magicians, only the Shields of Taelfon have widely embraced technomancy to empower their ordinarily exhausting abilities. In addition to enhanced magical striking power, Shields keep their brethren safe by extending exceptional magical protection over a wide area. From the School of Heavenly Lion come the Hammers of Heaven, each one a veteran Dragon Legionnaire now learned in the Lion Form and outfitted in the Legion's latest battle armor. A Hammer's whirling weighted chain can flay flesh, shatter shields, and crush even the strongest armor.


1x Hammer of Heaven, 1x Shield of Taelfan

Models come unpainted and unassembled. 

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