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Embark on an epic quest to build your mythical nation into the greatest empire ever known! Hyperborea is a game of exploration and civilization building for two to six players. Each game, you'll need to capture land near your homeland, defeat enemy armies and ghosts, and discover new technologies that will help you rise to greatness. Hyperborea uses an all-new “bag-building” mechanic that simulates the depth of a civilization game in a much shorter play time. Your bag contains the cubes you need to develop your nation from a fledgling upstart to a mighty civilization. Choose your strategy and set out to claim the realm of Hyperborea for your own.

  • Rules
  • 36 hexagon tiles
  • Six homeland tiles
  • Six individual player boards
  • 36 development markers
  • Six cloth bags
  • 180 wooden civilization cubes
  • Twelve race tiles
  • 78 miniatures
  • 120 tokens
  • 64 Advanced Technology cards
  • 72 plastic gems

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