Imploding Kittens ( expansion )

Imploding Kittens ( expansion )

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Imploding Kittens is the first Expansion of Exploding Kittens, the award-winning card game that made Kickstarter history as the most-backed project, ever. This Expansion deck includes 20 new cards featuring 5 new types of actions AND an "Imploding Kitten" which increases the game from 5 to 6 players.

1. This is the first expansion pack of Exploding Kittens.
2. Includes 20 new cards illustrated by The Oatmeal.
3. Expands the core deck from 5 to 6 players.
4. 100% compatible with any Exploding Kittens deck.
5. A human sized "Cone of Shame" turn indicator.

Package includes
1 x Imploding Kittens Expansion

Ages: 7+
Players: 2-5+
Game Length: 15 minutes

Please Note:  This is not a standalone game - it requires a copy of Exploding Kittens (any version) to play.

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