Infinity RPG : Player's Guide

Infinity RPG : Player's Guide

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Discover Adventure in the Human Sphere and Beyond…

In the twisted jungles of Paradiso, humanity fights for its survival. The fierce, alien warriors or the Combined Army have poured through the Acheron Gate, descending upon the emerald jungles of the newest colonial world in a seemingly unstoppable torrent. In the star-swept skies above, the collected might of humanity's armadas maintain a life-or-death blockade to cut off an endless horde of alien reinforcements. And if any of humanity's fractious forces should falter, then all may be lost...

But beyond that terrifying holding action, the intrigues and adventures of the Human Sphere spin on. From the shattered planetoids of Human Edge, across the icy plains of Svalarheima, the chrome towers of Neoterra, the hypercorps vie for dominance over both ally and adversary alike.

This Player's Guide provides content drawn from Corvus Belli's Infinity RPG, including everything a player needs to create characters from the Human Sphere and beyond, plus all the tools that will need to be referenced during play.

Inside this book, you'll find:

• An immersive Lifepath character creation system that allows you to choose from a wide range of backgrounds, from crazed Dog-warrior to empathic Tohaa.

• Choose or roll to create the character you want, defining options such as attributes, faction, heritage, homeworld, social status, education, and career.

• Select your starting gear from a wide range of equipment, such as the type of hacking device and programs you utilize, or the type of weapon and ammo you prefer.

• All the 2d20 rules needed to play, including Heat, Momentum, task resolution, and the triple dynamics of Warfare, Infowar, and Psywar.

• A gazetteer of humanity's near-future covering the systems and factions of the Human Sphere and beyond.

• Bonus content exclusive to the Player's Guide including the Agent Handler guide, 2d20 to N3 conversion guide, and stats for the iconic Infinity miniatures produce for this very RPG.

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