Judge Dredd: Cursed Earth Raiders

Judge Dredd: Cursed Earth Raiders

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28mm Scale

Banished from the Mega-Cities, irradiated survivors from the 21st Century Atomic Wars were forced to eke out a living in the hellish Cursed Earth beyond the city walls - a result of the hysteria towards the mutated offspring of the refugees. Maintaining an undying grudge, many groups take every opportunity to strike back at the hated Mega-Cities.

Due to the massive wall defenses of the Mega-Cities, an over-land attack is nigh suicidal, so raiders have the most success suddenly swooping over the wall defenses on a bewildering array of jet-packs, skyboards, and anti-grave transports.

Despite the widespread opinion of muties as stupid and animal-like, a surprising number are tech-savvy and scavenge extensively among the ruins of the Cursed Earth. There are dozens of small bands with the skill to convert run-of-the-mill mounts such as jet-packs and sky cycles into deadly machines of war.

Resin components.

3 Mutant Sky Raider Miniatures
3 Plastic Bases & Flying Stands
1 Vehicle Card
2 Unit Cards
2 Big Meg Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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