Judge Dredd: Klegg Hai!

Judge Dredd: Klegg Hai!

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"Klegg-Hai!, Klegg-Hai!, Klegg-hai!" This chilling alien battle cry has echoed across a universe of battlefields, heralding the arrival of the nightmarish Klegg. Mercenary warriors over ten feet tall and resembling an enormous bipedal Crocodile. The Klegg are utterly ruthless in the art of war; surrender is futile as prisoners are not taken - they are eaten!

The Klegg first roamed the streets of the "Big Meg" during the corrupt reign of Judge Cal. So feared were these vicious extra-terrestrial carnivores that Dredd's victorious Judges attempted to exterminate every last Klegg in the city. Despite this, the Klegg are born survivors and small groups can still be found deep in the ruins and slum blocks, ready to fight just for the pleasure of killing or selling their skills to any underworld maniac prepared to pay them in fresh meat!

Each miniature is supplied on an integral oval base. Round bases are also included.

Resin components.

3 Miniatures
  ‣ 3 Klegg
3 Round Plastic Bases (40mm)
1 Unit Card
2 Big Meg Cards
  ‣ "Klegg-Hai!"
  ‣ Raining Monsters

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