Malifaux : Crossroads

Malifaux : Crossroads

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The city of Malifaux would never be described as comfortable, but as you leave its borders and brave the wilds away from the protection of the Guild, you may begin to think of it that way. Gremlin ambushes are a constant threat, bloodthirsty gunslingers lay in wait on the road, and you are never alone in the woods. There are things out there; thinks that ever the Neverborn tell stories about, left over from the ancient times of Malifaux, waiting...

Crossroads takes us away from the city of Malifaux, adding new characters and exploring the fates of some of your old favorites. New models, new stories, and scenarios themed for each master in this book will all draw you away from the protection of the city, and into the wild...A sourcebook for Malifaux Second Edition, Crossroads introduces rules for all Crews which have not yet been updated to Second Edition, along with a few new ones. Each chapter is divided up by Faction, containing a series of short stories further exploring the characters of Malifaux and the roles they play in the lore. Additionally, every tale is complemented by a special scenario, allowing you to relive the trials and tribulations of some of your favorite characters.

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