Malifaux : Shifting Loyalties

Malifaux : Shifting Loyalties

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Malifaux has always been a blistering cauldron of cultures, alliances, and powerful personalities. Up until now, the city has maintained a tight balance, with the Guild enforcing an iron peace. But things are changing. The old alliances are breaking and the tension is about to snap. There are whispers of Neverborn who wield the magic of death, music carried on the wind which brings out men's darkest desires, and ancient creatures from Earthside awakening and making their way to Malifaux. The city will never be the same...

Shifting Loyalties expands the world of Malifaux, introducing a Campaign system which allows players to track the progress of their Crews over a series of games. It also adds new models for each Faction, including the fearsome Emissaries of Fate. Experience Malifaux like never before as characters change and evolve, and question their very loyalties.

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