Malifaux: Temple of the Dawn

Malifaux: Temple of the Dawn

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Even as a young monk in the temple of High River, Shenlong was considered exceptional. What surprised his instructors was the determination he showed to learn the other styles when exposed to them. His brutality was matched by a ruthless cunning that drove him to master every temple style. While he was fully aware of the political power this granted him in the valley, he was not prepared for what would follow.

As dusk fell one day, sunlight blazed from an isolated temple on the valley wall, said to house the Dragon. Shenlong, the only person capable of looking at the searing light, found himself drawn to the ancient building. He walked in alone, emerging the following sunrise as more than a man. He was covered head to toe in tattooed scales, sunlight blazing in his eyes. Where he trod, the ground scorched. A new era in the valley had begun; the Dragon had chosen a new host.

Although he doesn't look it, Shenlong is thought to be more than eighty years old. The Dragon does not permit its host to age, holding them at their physical peak as long as it chooses to inhabit them. While this arrangement is never eternal, Dragonhosts are known to have lived for several centuries. As long as the Dragon has need of a host for his plans, Shenlong will be near immortal. With the Dragon now turning its ancient eyes to Malifaux, his current host has a great deal to do before he becomes tiresome and is cast aside.

Plastic components.


1 Shenlong
1 Sensei Yu
2 Peasants
3 Monks of High River
7 Stat Cards
6 Upgrade Cards
- Words on the River
- Low River Style
- Fermented River Style
- High River Style
- Wandering River Style
- Promising Disciple

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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