Marvel Strike Teams

Marvel Strike Teams

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arvel Strike Teams is a strategy game that allows 2-5 players to undertake daring missions featuring their favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. Each player controls a character with HeroClix Combat Dial to track their level and build points, with one as the Mastermind controlling the villains and all other players as heroes.

Marvel Strike Teams is a campaign game, which means that the players can improve their characters over the course of several missions. Each mission consists of 3 scenarios that are generated randomly from a set of 18 Scenario Cards. There are also 6 Map Cards that allow players to determine which map they will invade at the start of each mission.

NOTE: HeroClix figures in this game are not compatible with other HeroClix miniatures games.

13 HeroClix Figures
99 Cards
30 Map Tiles
151 Tokens
50 Red Cubes
20 Yellow Cubes
2 Command Dials
1 Action Die

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 60-120 minutes

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