Marvel Villainous : Mischief & Malice

Marvel Villainous : Mischief & Malice

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Following the release of Marvel Villainous: Infinite PowerMischief & Malice follows up with the most-requested Villain (Loki) along with the popularly requested M.O.D.O.K. and comic book deep-cut Madame Masque. To win, each Villain must complete a unique story-based objective.

To win as Loki, players must gain and spend ten "mischief," which is primarily gained via multiverse personalities played by Loki to other Villains' Domains. M.O.D.O.K. needs to maintain A.I.M.'s loyalty and activate the Cosmic Cube. Finally, Madame Masque must vanquish eight heroes specifically to settle her vendetta. She'll need to balance vanquishing heroes to satisfy her vendetta or vanquishing them for a contract - one of the only ways in the game she can gain power.

Mischief & Malice can be combined with Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power to support up to a four player game.

3 Domains
3 Villain Movers
90 Villain Cards
48 Fate Cards
51 Tokens
1 Loyalty Tile
1 Vendetta Tile
1 Slider Cup
3 Reference Cards
3 Villain Guides

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-3
Game Length: 20 minutes per player

This game can be played on its own for 2-3 players or combined with Infinite Power to allow up to 4 players.

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