Massive Darkness - enemy box : Ratlings

Massive Darkness - enemy box : Ratlings

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Nature itself has become sick with the Darkness, and some of its most loyal servants have been corrupted. Elementals of all kinds are joining the evil army, using their raw power to enforce a twisted version of nature's law. These lost elementals count among Darkness's most powerful heralds. As heroes, it is your duty to banish them and restore balance.

This Enemy Box contains four additional Romaing Monsters and their cards. Give an elemental challenge to your team with these powerful and towering guardians!

1 Fire Elemental Roaming Monster
1 Air Elemental Roaming Monster
1 Earth Elemental Roaming Monster
1 Water Elemental Roaming Monster
8 Cards

Ages: 14+

Players: 1-6
Game Length: 90 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Massive Darkness is required to play.

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