Massive Darkness - Warrior Priests Vs. the Spearmaiden Cyclops

Massive Darkness - Warrior Priests Vs. the Spearmaiden Cyclops

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Armed with a shield that can turn away ballistae bolts and a spear that could double as one, spearmaiden cyclops are, in their mind, always protecting their children. They have been promised food, wealth, and territory for their growing broods, helping to stoke their murderous instincts against all of the Darkness's enemies!

This Heroes & Monster Set contains a Roaming Monster, three Heores, an Artifact, and a new Hero Class. A tough guardian, the Spearmaiden Cyclops is a hard opponent to defeat, and her spear is so huge it ignores defense. The Warrior Priest Class excels in the light instead of the shadow, killing their foes and aiding their allies with equal fervor. All three Hero miniatures may be used as additional or alternative characters for your game.

3 Hero Miniatures & Cards
• Malleus, Warrior Priest
• Ostara, Paladin of Fury
• Moira, Sorcerer

1 Spearmaiden Cyclops Miniature with 2 Cards
1 Warrior Priest Class Sheet Pad
1 Artifact Card (Priest's Reliquary)

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 90 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Massive Darkness is required to play.

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