Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition: Dark Eden Campaign Book

Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition: Dark Eden Campaign Book

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"This is nothing sort of a mega epic ... It has enough material and ideas to create adventures for over a hundred sessions ... this product alone or in combination with the Dark Eden Source book will provide you with years of gaming." review.

Humanity's Last Stand

The Second Dark Legion War has escalated to encompass the entire solar system, with humanity hard-pressed to hold back the swelling tide of Darkness. A surge of Heresy has stretched the Brotherhood to the breaking point, while the megacorporations are throwing a rising body count into the ever-hungry maw of the Dark Legion.  A slim chance of salvation leads the Cardinal to call upon the heroes of yesteryear and task them with uncovering ancient technology that will turn the tide of war in humanity’s favour. Technology that is hidden on humanity’s former home, Dark Eden—also known by its former name of Earth. 

The Dark Eden Campaign is recommended for experienced players. Designed to bring the events that began with the Dark Symmetry Campaign to a climactic conclusion, suggestions are provided on how best to update the timeline or incorporate this into an existing game. 

  • Epic Finale: This book contains a heroic campaign that will embroil players in the final epic battle for the very fabric of the solar system. Finally recognized for the heroes they are, the players will play a key role in humanity’s last stand. 
  • Hate-Fueled Tribes: Scouring Dark Eden is no mean feat. The task is made infinitely worse thanks to the ancestors of those abandoned so long ago. The Tribes of Earth have had centuries to hone their hate for the megacorporations. 
  • Dark Legion Rampant: The Dark Legion do not sit idly by and allow their foes to uncover Ancient threats unhindered. New foes lurk within, powerful forces of Darkness that seek to rend and shatter the defenses of the forces of Light. 
  • Endless Adventure: In a truly epic campaign of this scale, any number of sub-plots can be utilized to extend its scope. Advice is provided that will enable GMs to provide entertaining scenarios that supplement the overall campaign. 

Sample this epic conclusion to the Mutant Chronicles saga to bring a fitting curtain down on events in this dark diesel-punk universe. But don't forget the Mutant Chronicles isn't over yet and keep an eye out for the Siege of the Citadel board game coming from Modiphius soon!

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