Mutant Sky Raiders

Mutant Sky Raiders

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8mm Scale

Aerial attacks by so-called Mutant Sky Raiders from the Cursed Earth beyond the walls of the Mega-Cities have been on the increase and continue to be a big problem for the Justice Department. Their hit-and-run raids can strike anywhere along the thousands of miles of city walls, making it difficult for the Judges to concentrate their forces quickly enough to mount an effective response. Punitive but risky expeditions into the Cursed Earth usually fail to find the elusive Raiders.

An additional headache for the Justice Department is that certain Mega-City gangs, some of whom already have sympathies with the mutant cause, are often willing to assist these deadly raids with intel, weapons, and even reinforcements. Whether they are seen as renegade mutant horrors terrorizing the innocent down-trodden exiles fighting for their existence, a mutie raid makes great cover for all sorts of nefarious schemes to occur while the Judges' backs are turned...

3 Mutant Sky Raider Miniatures
3 Plastic Bases & Flying Stands
2 Unit Cards
1 Amory Card
1 Big Meg Card

Resin components.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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