Mutants and Masterminds - Deluxe Gamemasters's Guide

Mutants and Masterminds - Deluxe Gamemasters's Guide

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The Deluxe Gamemasters Guide has everything a Mutants & Masterminds GM needs, from guidelines on creating challenges and adventures to advice on designing your own setting and series. It includes guidance on how to set up and run your game and to help your players create the best heroes, archetypes that make building villains easy, world building tips, and options for modifying the game to suit your groups play style. This new Revised Edition of the original book is a handsome hardback that adds two adventures, new villain archetypes and minions, and more. The Mutants & Masterminds Deluxe Gamemasters Guide is a must-have resource for new and experienced GMs alike, and the ideal companion volume to the Basic Heros Handbook or Deluxe Heros Handbook.dbook.

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