Mysterium - Hidden Signs

Mysterium - Hidden Signs

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  • Dear Conrad,

    Egypt is overflowing with marvels and mysterious ancient energies. Since I arrived, my psychic powers have flourished and my sixth sense has never been so keen. I am finally beginning to understand the uneasiness that has been bothering me since we last held a seance. Dazzled by our supposed success, perhaps we have been missing the truth all along. As I left the manor, I seemed to feel the ghost's presence. Although I have only recently realized it, that fleeting sensation has been haunting me ever since. Could we have made a mistake? Have you noticed any other signs? I hope I am mistaken.

    I look forward to receiving your reply.

    Ever yours,


    The haunted manor still holds a few secrets...In Hidden Signs, the first expansion for Mysterium, you must again try to clarify the circumstances of the ghost's death. The plot thickens, as the psychics consider all-new leads: 6 suspects, 6 locations, and 6 objects. To help them in this task, the ghost has 42 new vision cards with which to communicate more effectively.

    18 Psychic Cards
    42 Vision Cards
    18 Ghost Cards

    Ages: 10+
    Players: 2-7
    Game Length: 42 minutes

    This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Mysterium is required to play.

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