Necron Monolith

Necron Monolith

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Nothing is so emblematic of Necron implacability than the Monolith. Like all Necron constructs, it is composed of living metal: a complex semi-sentient alloy that ripples and flows to repair damage in the blink of an eye. Energy beams are absorbed and dispersed, whilst tank-busting missiles simply ricochet of the Monolith's armoured hide. Indeed, the only way to truly halt the advance of a Monolith is to target it with a sustained period of focussed fire, though few enemies have the discipline to bring it down, especially when the Monolith brings its own firepower to bear in return. Armed with the tank-shattering particle whip, the Monolith can turn enemy tanks into smouldering wrecks in a split second, or reduce infantrymen into molecular vapour. Those lucky enough to survive this ferocious attack will find themselves caught within the Monolith's gauss flux arcs - a pre-programmed defence system that can pre-empt even the random movements of panicked foes. Yet these weapons are nothing compared to the eternity gate - the most terrifying of all the Monolith's weapon systems. This shimmering energy field is nothing less than a captive wormhole, bound into the very heart of the Monolith, and those who stray to close could well disappear forever.

Support your Necron army's implacable advance with a Monolith. Not only can it provide covering fire with its gauss flux arcs, but it can also bring in reinforcements through its eternity gate. The gauss flux arcs can be replaced with death rays, while the kit also comes with a choice of eternity gate.

This 123-part plastic kit makes one Necron Monolith. It is supplied with a 160mm round Citadel base and a clear hover stand.

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