New Angeles

New Angeles

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The World Changed. Greed Did Not.

     As the largest, richest, and most diverse city in the world, New Angeles is a shining beacon of human achievement and advancement. But such success also makes the city a fertile breeding ground for powerful megacorporations, each striving to best the others by flexing their economic and political muscle. The battle between these giants often tramples those less fortunate underneath them. The city is thus a playground for the privileged and powerful, resting on the foundation of poverty and pollution.    

     New Angeles is a game in which four to six players assume the roles of megacorporations set in the Android universe. Players cuts deals and forge temporary alliances to gain leverage and financial superiority over their corporate rivals, all the while trying to maintain order and profitability in the thriving megalopolis of New Angeles.

1 Game Board
1 Reference Guide
1 Learn to Play Booklet
9 Human First Units
9 Orgcrime Units
6 Prisec Units
6 Corp Sheets
16 Event Cards
7 Rival Cards
6 Setup Cards
9 Demand Cards
12 Investment Cards
34 Asset Cards
100 Action Cards
6 Emergency Action Cards
1 Active Player Token
1 Round Track Token
14 Illness Tokens
14 Outage Tokens
14 Unrest Tokens
14 Development Tokens
1 Threat Token
6 Capital Tokens
5 Resource Tokens
5 Target Tokens
4 Android Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 4-6
Game Length: 120-240 minutes

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