Ninja All Stars

Ninja All Stars

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In Rise of the Kage, players can choose to play as a ninja of the Shadow Wind Clan, deadly warriors tasked with taking down the Jung Pirates.

Rise of the Kage: Docks of Ryu expansion sees the ninja of the shadow wind clan come up against the brutal Minato and his trusted dock guards. Make your way through junks, warehouses and markets on your way to the summit of Ryu. With new maps, custom missions, guards and ninja the adventure continues in Rise of the Kage: Docks of Ryu.

  • Contents:
  • 20 Models
    1 Double-sided Board
    16 Cards
    4 Player Mats

    Ages: 14+

    Players: 2-4
    Game Length: 45+ minutes

  • Please Note: Rise of the Kage: Docks of Ryu is an expansion for Rise of the Kage and is unplayable without it.
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