Demon Wars Reformation (signed copies)

Demon Wars Reformation (signed copies)

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DemonWars: Reformation RPG Core Rules

R.A. Salvatore, Bryan Salvatore, Geno Salvatore

The battle has been won, the demon dactyl driven from the land. The herectic De'Unnero has been cast down, his followers slain or forced into hiding. A new king sits on the throne, a new Father Abbot takes the reins of the might Abellican Church.

But all is not well in the land of Honce-the-Bear. Both Church and Crown have been ravaged by the war. Powries and wicked goblins haunt the coastlines and the forests, and ambitious lords whisper of revolt. Only the Abellican Church can hold together the unified kingdom, but its strength is greatly depleted. The shadows of the demon remain, a stain upon the hearts of some men, some brothers and sisters of the Church. The heretic is dead, but his heresy remains, and those who followed him lurk. Reformation is called, to light the candles against the darkness of the demon.

The Abellican Church needs heroes.


A game system designed to capture the best aspects of the older generation of tabletop roleplaying games, complete with everything you need to create your own adventures.

A game setting detailing the world of Corona: a fleshed out bestiary full of dangerous monsters, hostile goblins, rival monks, bloodthirsty powries, and more; notable locations with detailed maps, descriptions, and adventure hooks; important characters, including many from the DemonWars books; a distinctive gemstone magic system; and much more.

A new story arc set in the world of Corona after the events of the novel Immortalis. The campaign pits the players, as monks of the Abellican Church, against Marcalo De’Unnero’s renegade Abellican faction and the darker power behind it.

A novella from R.A. Salvatore, introducing players to the world of Corona as it is at the start of the story arc.

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