Path to Glory

Path to Glory

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Get ready to face one of your friends in bloody combat on the war torn battlefields of Samaria with the Path to Glory 2-player starter box for the Dark Age miniatures game! Containing 9 highly tetailed plastic models from 2 factions, dice, rules, counters and terain templates, Path to Glory has everything you and a friend require to get started playing Dark Age!

Seeking to find honor in combat against worthy foes, the trueborn soldiers of the Dragyri Ice Caste have traveled far to wet their blades with human blood. Tracking the huge alien beasts is Saint Issac of the Forsaken and his loyal troops, both man and machine. Human science battles against Dragyri mysticism on the Path to Glory!


Box contains: One (1) complete quick-start rules, One (1) Scenario Guide, ten (10) plastic wound tokens, six (6) twenty sided dice, two (2) measuring sticks, and nine (9) highly-detailed miniatures and their stat cards.

Forsaken: St. Issac

  • two (2) Controllers
  • two (2) Centibedes
  • one (1) St. Issac in Ajax Suit

Dragyri Ice Caste

  • one (1) Spirit Lord
  • one (1) Death's Device
  • two (2) Soul Searchers

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