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Build Your Network!

The severe pressures of worldwide demand and the ever-increasing global standards for refinement have forced the government to privatize the oil industry. This is where you come in. Seeking to capitalize on this new opportunity, you will focus on building a more efficient pipeline network in your refinery, hiring experts to provide an edge over your competitors, and refining oil to meet the market's demand.

Pipeline is a highly strategic economic game that sees you making difficult decisions and carefully crafting an interweaving network of pipelines in a bid to ensure your victory!

• Plan, build, and expand your pipeline network
• Refine crude oil to higher value grades
• Become more efficient with powerful upgrades

1 Game Board
4 Player Boards
44 Red Oil Tokens
44 Green Oil Tokens
44 Blue Oil Tokens
1 Round Marker
12 Refinement Markers
4 Action Tiles
1 Valuation Tile
30 Contracts
24 Orders
18 Machine Tiles
58 Tank Tiles
135 Pipe Tiles
4 Workers
4 Player Disks
12 Valuation Cards
35 Upgrade Cards
5 Upgrade Tokens
12 Penalty Tokens
136 Money Tokens
1 Rulebook

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30 minutes per player

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