Rise of the Kage

Rise of the Kage

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In Rise of the Kage, players can choose to play as a ninja of the Shadow Wind Clan, deadly warriors tasked with taking down the Takashi clan, the Jwar Isles' ruling family. Or you can choose those that have sworn their lives to protect their Daimyo - the brave guards of the Prefecture of Ryu.

The ninjas play cooperatively discovering weapons from shuriken to poisoned rice, dispatching guards as they seek to complete their goals.

The guard boss employs all the resources at hand to bring their deadly foe to a halt. If they can hold them off until sunrise or raise the alarm, then all will be safe for another night.

Ninja or guards, players face difficult decisions. Do the ninja recklessly force their way through their opponents whilst undoubtedly raising the alarm level? Go too slowly and stealthily, though, and they face losing the advantage that night brings. Do the guards throw themselves in the way of their more deadly rivals or strategically attempt to slow them down? Rise of the Kage offers a great blend of sneaky skills and gobsmacking kills.

41 Models in 11 Unique Sculpts
15 Dice
1 Double-sided Board
186 Cards
1 Rulebook
4 Player Mats
16 Doors & Stands
146 Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 45+ minutes

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