Rivet Wars : Eastern Front

Rivet Wars : Eastern Front

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The once beautiful world of Rivet has been wracked by decades of war. The years of bombing, gassing, and stripping natural resources from the planet has taken its toll, turning its pastures into muddy, cratered-pocked no-man's lands, and blackening the skies with soot and stench of factory smoke.

Rivet Wars: Eastern Front is a fast-paced tactical miniatures board game that brings Real Time Strategy-inspired gameplay to your tabletop. As commander of your forces you spend resources each turn to deploy fresh troops to the front. Send out counter units to wreak havoc on your opponent's carefully laid plans. Deploy infantry, cavalry, artillery and massive walking tanks or call upon your faction's powerful heroes to enhance your forces' strength. Drive forward, capture strategic objectives and smash the enemy's army!

Choose to play as the brutal Blightun Empire with their mechanized cavalry, armored rolling machine guns and frightening poison gas attacks. Or pick the noble Allied Forces with their devastating artillery, anti-tank rocket bikes and masses of rifle-wielding infantry!

36 Highly-detailed Plastic Miniatures
16 Stat Cards
2 Stat Dashboards
24 Action! Cards
10 Secret Mission Cards
9 Double-sided Tiles
1 Tracking Tile
6 Bunker Markers
6 Strategic Objective Markers
6 Minefield Markers
6 Tank Trap Markers
6 Razor Wire Markers
12 Flag Tokens
5 Gas Plastic Tokens
4 Victory Plastic Tokens
24 Damage Plastic Tokens
6 Six-sided Dice
34-page Rulebbok

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 30-45 minutes

Please Note:  Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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