RPG Adventure Journal

RPG Adventure Journal

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A journal specifically designed for RPG gaming, stats, note keeping and map cartography.

** 5" x 8.25" ** Adventure Journal perfect for all your gaming needs!

This amazing moleskine-adjacent journal is designed to chronicle the lives of three of your Dungeons & Dragons characters and includes custom designed pages for characters stats, spells, equipment, session notes, maps, and more.

Don't worry, the elastic strap will keep out thieves and snoops.

Adventure Journals are Designed to Hold 3 Characters 

(or to chronicle one character for three levels of their journey)

Each of the 3 character sections feature:

  • Newly designed Dungeons and Dragons 5e Character Sheets
  • Revised ways to list your character's Attacks, Traits, and Features
  • Portrait page where you can design your character's look
  • Inventory, including specific sections for equipped items, magic items, item weights and values, as well as your character's money and gems
  • Newly designed pages cataloging your cantrips, spells, and available spell slots for any level
  • Role-play section with your character's family history, familiars and companions, their business, backstory, and a Last Will and Testament (just in case)
  • 25 lined pages to chronicle your character's journey
  • 25 graphed pages for drawing maps
  • Each Section is repeated throughout the book, allowing each Adventure Journal to hold 3 separate characters or one character for 3 levels of their journey!

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