Runebound (3rd edition)

Runebound (3rd edition)

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Become a Hero of Terrinoth and Defend the Realm!

Welcome to Terrinoth! It is a land filled with great cities, powerful magic, and dangerous enemies. From the dizzying heights of Madman Pass to the hidden glades of Starfall Forest, adventure lurks around every bend of the road.

In Runebound, you take on a the role of a questing hero, ready to forge your own destiny. In each game you'll search ancient ruins, fight vicious battles, and learn powerful new skills. Dangerous forces threaten Terrinoth, and only the greatest hero can defeat them and restore peace.

Will you become a living legend?

2 Rulebooks
1 Game Board
6 Plastic Figures
5 Terrain Dice
27 Adventure Gems
60 Combat Tokens
1 Time Token
2 Villain Tokens
6 Story Quest Tokens
24 Gold Tokens
36 Damage Tokens
24 Story Tokens
6 Hero Cards
120 Adventure Cards
60 Asset Cards
20 Story Cards
2 Scenario Cards
60 Skill Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 120-180 minutes

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