Shadows of Esteren  - Cartography of Tri-Kazel

Shadows of Esteren - Cartography of Tri-Kazel

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This Shadows of Esteren supplement includes detailed maps and coats of arms of the major cities of Tri-Kazel. It is intended for Leaders, but can also be used as an in-game aid, in particular for Varigal characters. Contents include:
• Giant maps of the Tri-Kazelian cities
Large maps of the three capitals of Tri-Kazel: Osta-Baille (Taol-Kaer), Baldh-Ruoch (Reizh), and Ard-Amrach (Gwidre), in addition to the cities of Expiation and Tulg-Naomh. Each map is 33 x 24 in (84 x 60 cm), fully colored.
• Tri-Kazelian coats of arms
Each city has its own coat of arms. This supplement includes an art print for each of the five cities: Osta-Baille, Baldh-Ruoch, Ard-Amrach, Expiation, and Tulg-Naomh.
• Map folder
The maps and art prints are delivered in a geography-themed folder. The Leader can use it to organize related documents or give it to a Player whose character is a Varigal or an otherwise intrepid explorer of the Peninsula.

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