Ravenwing Command Squad

Ravenwing Command Squad

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Those who survive in the Ravenwing long enough learn to take mobile warfare to the next level. If they can pass the Seven Rites of the Raven, they will be inducted into the Black Knights, the Inner Circle of the 2nd Company.

This kit can be used to make either a Ravenwing Command Squad or Ravenwing Black Knights. These Black Knights miniatures are rich in the iconography of the Dark Angels, with winged motifs adorning the bikes, and extending from the back of them, while the bikes themselves feature fat exhausts, grills and chunky tires. Included within the kit are twin-linked plasma cannons, corvus hammers, a teleport homer and plasma talons. The Black Knights would make a wonderfully detailed addition to any Dark Angels collection.

This kit contains 122 components, a Space Marines Transfer Sheet and three bike bases with which to make three Ravenwing Black Knights or a Ravenwing Command Squad.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires glue.

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