The Grizzled at your orders

The Grizzled at your orders

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Your group of Grizzled must follow the orders. Will you be able to coordinate your actions to survive the devastating effects of the Great War?

The expansion At Your Orders! deepens The Grizzled game experience with special Missions the players must complete. It provides challenges for experienced players and beginners alike. This expansion contains a new rule for 2 player games and a single player version as well.

39 Mission Cards
1 Final Assault / Last Stand Card
1 Novice Card (for the "Duo!" Version)
4 Support Tiles (for the "Solo!" Version)
6 Cutouts of Grizzled

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 30 minutes

This is NOT a stand-alone game. A copy of The Grizzled is required to play.

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