This War of Mine

This War of Mine

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A Story That Must Be Told

The sun is about to set and with it fades the threat of catching a sniper bullet if you are reckless or desperate enough to stick your nose out of the shelter. But the night brings no solace. Whatever little supplies we gathered are now at risk because of marauding looters and worse...

Our group is small, but we manage. Right now, the strongest among us are readying themselves to sneak out under the cover of darkness and scavenge food and anything of value. The rest will try to catch some sleep and prepare for another day of war...Another day of struggling for survival.

Welcome to Pogoren, a besieged city where a group of citizens is trying to survive the horrors of unending war. Make hard choices, face difficult challenges adn tell an unforgettable and meaningful tale whenever you share this unique experience with your friends.

There are no points or competition, just those who make it until the ceasefire. The road to survival is hard as you are trapped in the middle of a military conflict, where moral and ethical principles lose meaning. Manage your shelter, craft items necessary for your existence and defense, explore the vast city and rsk your life scavenging for resources along with your friends.

Based on This War of Mine, the award-winning computer game by 11 Bit Studios, now enabling you to share the burden of war with your friends.

The Book of Scripts
Scenario Sheet
Save Sheets
1 Board
4 Plastic Discs
12 Plastic Miniatures
4 Dice
200 Cards
186 Assorted Tokens
33 Plastic Markers

Ages: 18+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 45-120 minutes

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