Warhammer Age of Sigmar : Soulbound RPG - Shadows in the Mist

Warhammer Age of Sigmar : Soulbound RPG - Shadows in the Mist

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There is a rot in the heart of Anvilgard. While the Anvils of the Heldenhammer looked outward, a cabal of Aelven outcasts has taken root within the city. Known as the Blackscale Coil, this mysterious group has infiltrated every facet of Anvilgard’s society, and seeks to make the city their own. But the Coil is not all there is to worry about – an even greater threat lurks in the mist…

Venture into the deadly mist-shrouded streets of Anvilgard in the first ever campaign for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. Shadows in the Mist contains six exciting ready-to-play adventures set in the city of Anvilgard. These adventures can be played as a complete campaign that sees the Soulbound uncover the truth of who — or what — is threatening Anvilgard, or can be used as individual standalone adventures. Shadows in the Mist also contains a comprehensive guide to the city of Anvilgard, including places of interest, major factions and people, and other threats that lurk in the mist.

When you pre-order the hardcopy of Shadows in the Mist, you will receive the first thrilling adventure, Blood Tide, immediately. The following content will be released regularly and you’ll receive the PDF as soon as it is available.

Adventures will also be made available as individual digital publications via DrivethruRPG and our Cubicle7 Webstore.

Shadows in the Mist includes:

  • Anvilgard City Guide: A complete guide to the city of Anvilard, including history, background, new items to purchase on the black market, and new Endeavours specific to the city.
  • Blood Tide: The first adventure in the campaign which sees the party sailing the deadly seas surrounding Anvilgard.
  • Rotten to the Core: The second adventure in the campaign sees the party investigate the sabotage of the defoliant cannons that protect Anvilgard — and uncover a traitor in the city’s upper echelons.
  • Crucible of Life: The third adventure is a race against time — the party must fight their way through the deadly jungles that surround Anvilgard as they desperately race to find a lost Stormvault before the agents of the Blackscale Coil.
  • Petrified Wood: In the fourth adventure the party investigates the death of a Kurnoth Hunter who has seemingly been killed by the gas from the defoliant cannons that protect Anvilgard. They must discover the truth before the Sylvaneth Glade that lives in the city retaliates and war erupts in the streets.
  • Aqua Nurglis: A strange sickness is spreading through Anvilgard, and it seems to be coming from the gambling dens run by the Blackscale Coil. However, all is not as it seems in this penultimate adventure, as the party uncover the true rot at the heart of the City of Scales.
  • Balancing the Scales: The final adventure in the dramatic campaign sees chaos erupt in Anvilgard as the truth is finally revealed. Along with some unexpected allies, the party must scramble to protect the city before it is consumed from within.
  • Rumours, Fears, and Threats: Over a dozen additional one-page adventures set in the city of Anvilgard and the surrounding lands.
  • Allies and Enemies: Over 30 new NPCs and monsters for your party to face!

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