Zombicide Chronicles RPG - Field Guide

Zombicide Chronicles RPG - Field Guide

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There are 101 ways to die in the world of Zombicide, but 1001 ways to kill!

This Field Guide adds new Survivor Archetypes, new Gear, NPS, Rumors, and a ton of new mechanics to the Core Book. Famous features of the Zombicide board game are now a part of the Zombicide Chronicles RPG as well. Fight even after death as a Zombivor, meet new Companions that will certainly help you in your Missions, find new Vehicles around the City, and fight your way through crowds of Very Infected People.

Improve your story with a new Mission Generator and keep your friends safe with additional Shelter Rules. Travel Events will take you from one place to the next, and the Rumors you hear from time to time will give you reasons to keep on going. The world might be ending, but your Survivor's adventure is just about to start.

A copy of Zombicide Chronicles RPG: Core Book is necessary to use the contents of this book.

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