Conan RPG: the Monolith

Conan RPG: the Monolith

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The Monolith Sourcebook provides players and gamemasters with a host of exciting material: new campaigns for both games, standalone adventures, and advice for creating original boardgame adventures using the roleplaying resources.

• A Red Tide to Kush, a complete boardgame campaign with ten new scenarios.

• A solo/cooperative campaign made up of nine new scenarios for the boardgame.

• Shadows from Gulsaggah, a complete roleplaying adventure campaign set in the legendary Black Coast.

• Rules for solo and cooperative play for the boardgame.

• Guidelines for using Conan tiles and roleplaying resources to create new scenarios for the boardgame.

• Characters, monsters, equipment, and artifacts, from Amboola the Spearman to Xuthal's Crown.

• Get the most out of Monolith's Conan boardgame with this essential sourcebook!

For use with the boardgame, a copy of Conan, Perilous Ruins & Forgotten Cities Tile Set, and Forbidden Places & Pits of Horror Tile Set are required. For use with the RPG, a copy of Conan RPG: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of is required.

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