Conquest : Dweghom - Founder's Exclusive Retinue Diorama - Dweghom

Conquest : Dweghom - Founder's Exclusive Retinue Diorama - Dweghom "The Mountain Stands"

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Product Type : Conquest : The Last Argument of Kings

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38mm Scale

Sculpted by the Para Bellum team, The Mountain Stands depicts a Hold Raegh Warlord leading his Combat Retinue vested in the full panoply and glory of his hold. His authority and stature made clear to all who witnessed it as he stands above the greatest heroes of the most influential factions in his Hold: the Clans, the Tempered and the Ardent.

This founder's exclusive contains 5 independent miniatures, enough for you to create the full diorama for display OR field in your army as a Hold Raegh with full Combat Retinue (with one model left over that can represent an Exemplar or Flamecaster!). Each model comes with alternative arms allowing you to assemble it as you wish OR get the best of both worlds and magnetize them so you can field both at once! (We have included 3x1mm magnet sized holes in all the joints to make this even easier). As an added bonus the Hold Raegh has an alternative head!

Resin components.

5 Miniatures
4 Infantry Bases
4 Alternative Arms
1 Alternative Head for Hold Raegh

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparations and assembly are required.

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