Odyssey of the Dragonlords RPG: player's guide

Odyssey of the Dragonlords RPG: player's guide

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Even the Gods are Bound by Oaths & Prophecies…

At the dawn of time, war between gods and titans left the landscape of Thylea forever changed. Thousands of years later, the first mortals arrived, carried by ship and dragon. The Dragonlords were the champions who overthrew the Titans 500 years ago and forged the Oath of Peace. But the power of the Oath has waned, and now the Titans seek vengeance.

You are one of the heroes called by prophecy to end the conflict once and for all. Poets will sing of your deeds for centuries to come...if you survive.

Odyssey of the Dragonlords is an epic fantasy campaign for the fifth edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game. This booklet will provide you with everything you need to begin your career as a prospective hero in the forgotten lands of Thylea.

• The World of Thylea - Includes an overview of the history, factions, kingdoms, and laws of the forgotten continent. Learn about the gods, the titans, and the legendary Dragonlords.

• New Class Archetypes - Includes exciting new archetypes for all twelve of the core 5th Edition classes, modeled after heroes from Greek mythology!

• New Player Races - Includes rules for six new playable races native to Thylea: centaurs, medusae, minotaurs, nymphs, satyrs, and sirens!

• Choose Your Epic Path - Includes eight epic paths for players to choose from. Epic paths provide powerful motivations for your hero, making you a central part of the story.

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