Table Titans - RPG Game Master's Screen

Table Titans - RPG Game Master's Screen

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After all, you’re the Game MASTER—you already know the rules! Rules won’t save you when your gaming group puts you in a tight spot, anyway. You need a bunch of clever ideas, and you want those ideas camouflaged with gorgeous artwork to distract players from all your fudged dice rolls.

Want to spice up your adventure? Try our Random NPC Generator! With one million name, trait, and occupation combinations, you’re sure to roll up a memorable NPC— like Persephone, the narcoleptic etiquette teacher. Have your brave adventurers earned some loot? No need to lug out that heavy Treasure Guide when you can use our patented Magical and Random Item charts! Give your party some real treats, like the coveted Other Sock.

How about a little help for the times when those ungrateful gaming junkies veer away from your lovingly crafted adventure hooks? Take solace in our Something Happens and Silly Monster charts to give your party what it deserves! Perhaps their gear becomes so light it floats away, or they have an encounter with the dreaded Dire Sloth!

Remember, gaming isn’t all about games! Sometimes we need help away from the table, too. Are players arguing about what to eat? Our What’s for Dinner Chart will solve that problem with a single roll of the dice. What about that gamer who just won’t focus? One round of our Not Paying Attention Chart and they’ll think twice before taking out their cell phone at the table again!

All of these helpful charts, and more, in the Table Titans Game Master Screen, featuring stunning artwork by the creators of Table Titans, Scott Kurtz and Steve Hamaker.

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