The Expanse RPG : Game Master's screen

The Expanse RPG : Game Master's screen

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Take Full Control of the System

As Game Master, everything that happens between the Sun and the Outer Planets revolves around you. This indispensable accessory for your Expanse RPG campaign will help you keep your game moving along like it's in zero-G.

Inside, you'll find:

• GM Screen: Three hardbacked panels packed with rules, charts, and tables that will keep you out of the rulebook and in the game.

• 5 Quick-Reference Card: Put the stunts and actions at your fingertips.

• 6 Pre-generated Characters: Suited up and ready for play or use as NPCs.

• Initiative Tracker: Use with wet- or dry-erase markers to know who's up next.

• Complete Adventure: Send a crew of level 1-3 characters into action on The Ganymede Insurance Job.

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